Emitter Maintenance Makes a Difference
in the Performance of Your Ionizers

Under normal conditions, the ionizer will attract dirt and dust (especially on the emitter electrodes). To maintain optimum performance, cleaning must be performed on a regular basis. The electrodes should be cleaned at least every six months. However, more frequent cleaning may be required if used in environments with more contaminants.

Emitter Pin Cleaning Instructions:
Emitter pin cleaning is very simple and should be done frequently.
  • Blow off contaminants on the emitter assemblies and fan guards with clean dry air.
  • Brush off emitters to assure that stray filaments of cleaning material are completely removed.
  • With a non-linting swab or small brush dipped in isopropyl alcohol wipe each emitter needle thoroughly.
  • A soft cloth and alcohol may be used to clean each fan guard

Per ESD Handbook ESD TR20.20 Ionizer section "There has also been some concern about particle emissions by air ionization devices. Particle buildup, commonly called a "fuzz ball", has been observed on ion emitter points. Emitter points may also erode in long term operation. ... All emitter points require periodic cleaning and replacement, the frequency depending on the material used, the design of the ionizer, and the environment in which it is used. There has never been a study linking normal emitter point wear of currently used emitter materials to increased product defects. On the other hand, many studies have shown fewer product defects occur when ionizers are in use."